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Feng Shui is a very ancient Chinese system of aesthetics.  It  uses both the laws of Heaven (astronomy), and Earth (geography) to help improve one’s
life by better receiving positive “qi.”  Qi is the movable negative or
positive vital force of nature.  In feng shui as in the Chinese martial arts,
qi refers to “energy,” in the sense of “life force.”

Feng Shui originated in Chinese astronomy, and it’s history covers 3,500+ years before the invention of the magnetic compass. As a matter of fact,
the magnetic compass was invented for feng shui, and has been used in the practice since the device’s invention.

Also known as the “art of placement,” feng shui was first widely used to orient spiritually significant buildings, such as tombs, in their most auspicious  manner. 
Gradually its use spread to correctly orienting dwellings and other structures.

The goal of feng shui as practiced today is to situate any human built environment on spots with good qi.  In doing this properly, people can positively enhance their health, relationships, luck, success, and all other aspects of their lives. Our web site contains, information, products, and resources that will help you do this.

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feng shui bagua

Feng Shui Bagua

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