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Cat Fortune
Do I really need to buy expensive flea and worming treatment for my cat?

My friend never has or never will buy any treatment saying its a rip off and a con. Her cats seem perfectly healthy and happy and must have saved a fortune. So is it really needed?

Yes if you love your cat and care about his welfare you do need to buy flea and worm medication from a vets. OK you can get it cheaper on-line but you can’t be sure its been stored correctly or that it’s in date, labels can be very easily changed ! Medications bought from pet stores are rarely any good and again may not be safe. Flea collars and flea shampoos are dangerous things, they only make cats ill, at the very least they can cause a skin complaint, but at the most the poison in them can kill cats.
Your friend is lucky his/her cats have no health problems if they’ve never been treated for worms or fleas.
Having said that, I know a lot of vets recommend monthly flea treatments, but we only do our cats once in the Spring with the drop on the back of the neck flea prevention and worm prevention twice a year and that works well for us,our cats are very clean and healthy.

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