Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing
does any 1 belive in crystal healing or power?

does any 1 belive in crystal healing or power or is it all in the mind?cleasing with white sage all this sort of stuff?i do but i would like to hear your opinion?

Yes lots of people believe in the power of crystal healing.

And a lot of people remove negative energies with sage. Burning of sage is based on ancient rituals. The American Red Indians would have burnt dried herbs for a similar reason.

Many people work as healers with crystals. The lady in my local area is always fully booked, so she must be going something right.

I meditate with crystals

Some misguided souls (normally Christians) think that crystals have something to do with the occult.

These religious views are so antiquated and so far off the mark, they are funny.

There is of course a lot of mumbo jumbo written about crystals – especially from dodgy psychics advertising on the net.

So you have to be careful. Do research before making an appointment to see someone. Check their training and experience. Or do a course yourself and treat yourself at home.

Here are some good sites:

Personally I believe it works, rather than it being a placebo effect.

To those people who say “it’s all in the mind” or “it’s the placebo effect” my answer is always the same……….”who cares”.

As long as it works and you don’t have to resort to toxic drugs from the doctor or painful operations.

Always better to heal naturally, without the use of expensive toxic drugs.


Crystal Therapy with Rev. Patricia Bankins

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