Ducks Feng

Ducks Feng
Feng Shui. I have a little Murano-glass sculpture of a duck, its beak is wide open. How should I place it?

I don´t know anything about Feng Shui. It is something that I feel, for some strange reason, that the orientation of this blue duck is important. Sometimes I think I shouldn´t have bought it. Am I right? The piece is only 6 in tall.

you are totally wrong. fengshui is not about vibes or achieving that harmony feel to a room. you got it all wrong. fengshui is about using fengshui concepts to locate and use directions or locations that have good energy and bad energy.

in a way it is like harmonizing your house (not room!) to your life – meaning you build a house according to fengshui. and never adjust a house already built according to fengshui, because that would be a lot of headache!

regarding your duck, put it anywhere you like. it is just a still glass statue, it can never harm you in anyway, unless it falls above your head.

a basic fengshui:

use you birthdate to locate good areas and bad areas in the house, put the living room and bedroom at the good areas; while leave the bad to the kitchen, toilet, garage and stairs to the bad areas.

use facing degree of main door and activation date to calculate good energy combination and bad energy combination in a house. you might want to cross reference the above formula with this, so to have a solution supporting 2 concepts.

this is basic fengshui, and there are lots of formulas out there that you can use. you can even have a water dragon, which is just a canal of clean water circulating – the important here is the direction/s this canal flows and its location. because when done even for a half degree of mistake, the effect can be fatal. in fengshui, the more powerful a formula, the more it can be deadly when it is used wrongly.

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