Feng Shui Accessories

Feng Shui Accessories
any body have tips on feng shui fish tank? for the them love?

1. input on what fish, to buy
2. what kind of rocks
3. what kind of ornaments
4. what color s for light and accessories

1. input on what fish, to buy> not important in fengshui; important point as far as fengshui is concerned is that water must be moving, depending on what you like to achieve for the moving water; most fengshui practitioners dont like the maintenance, so they use a water tank with an aerator to make the water move; moving water is used to activate current water star to activate your house (sort of), so to make you or those people living in that house financially healthy – water is for money in fengshui; not love

2. what kind of rocks> not important in fengshui
3. what kind of ornaments> not important in fengshui
4. what color s for light and accessories> not important in fengshui

you just cannot put a moving water in a bedroom, because it can complicate your life.

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