Feng Shui Apartment Decorating

Feng Shui Apartment Decorating
Decorating Help?

I plan to move into an apartment where the front door, living room, dining room, and kitchen open up into each other.

The front door faces the wall where the TV will have to be placed bc of the cable.

This is the living room set I plan to purchase. The walls are white and the carpet is tan/lt. brown.

Any decorating ideals? I’m trying to embrace Feng Shui, but feel a little lost in it all.

Chaise – Brown, Chair-Natural/White, Sofa-Lt. Blue/Oasis


I don’t know anything about feng shui, but for general furniture placement I would do an L shape layout. So the back of the love seat against the same wall that the front door is on, then the sofa in an L with that (back facing kitchen) with an end table between the two sofas and the cubes in front of of them. the chaise lounge coming out on an angle from the corner of the patio wall and T.V wall. Also there is no reason you couldn’t run extra cable under baseboards for more options.

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