Feng Shui Apartment Entrance

Feng Shui Apartment Entrance
Feng Shui. Baqua Chart Colours for my place…Q’s….?

I am trying to feng shui my place to a better & healthy environment especially my serious goal to complete my Arts & Design course.

I live in a bachelor apt at this time, and I’m facing north. I’ve been deeply puzzled, how to read the baqua chart. My entrance door is facing north. The centre of my apartment is in a odd place.

Picture this on a floor plan, an oblong hall with a small bathroom in the centre, on top of the oblong hall is a huge square which has the kitchen facing west, bedding area is facing east, my TV/ Computer is facing north. The centre of my apartment, I believe between the long oblong hall and the huge squared floor which shares the kitchen/ bedding in opposite directions, are you guys following me yet?

Where do I place the baqua chart, I believe if I’m not mistaken, the bathroom would have to be in shades of blue? The TV/ Computer and kitchen/ bedding area is what??

I don’t have a clue?? HEEEELLLPPP!

Maybe you need such article about how to use bagua table?

Feng Shui Ba-Gua : Applying Feng Shui Ba-Gua Principles

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