Feng Shui Apartment Living Room

Feng Shui Apartment Living Room
Having very bad luck every since i moved, could it be the feng shui? how do i improve it.?

Hi there,

Ever since i moved to my new apartment i have been experiencing terrible luck. At first i thought it was just a coincedence but now im thinking that its the fung shui. I live on the 4 floor of a walk up on a slope hill in hong kong. Directly outside my window there is a foot bridge and people travel too and from work every day making it a high traffic place. Around the outside of my bed room window, besides the foot bridge are buildings, construction and restaurants all over.

How can i improve the fung shui in my bed room. Can i use mirrors to deflect the bad energy? I bought a plant to place out side my window and a couple of mirrors pointed out to the window for deflection. Can some one please help. Im desperate.


since when Feng Shui became a religion?

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