Feng Shui Bagua Bedroom

Feng Shui Bagua Bedroom
Missing bagua center in my room. (Feng shui)?

(I am a complete novice.) I have lived in the same house for about 5 years. The whole time having the same bedroom, and same basic setup. While looking over the basic bagua, I see that the (upper right) Love center is basically missing, if my room is considered one complete bagua. (My room is irregular -not a rectangle- on the right side.) Is there anything I can or should do about this? The other two right-hand side centers are occupied mostly by my bed.

i dont anything about the fengshui you are talking about. the fengshui that i have been studying is the one not written in most books. at least i take seminars under some chinese fengshui masters.

i don’t really know what you are trying to do. but basically you do not use a ba gua inside the house! a ba gua is a deadly tool to negate the effects of a sha chi out side the house, like an electrical post. so you do not put this inside the house.

in fengshui, there is really no such thing as attracting love. but there is something to stimulate your social life. first get a plan/ blueprint of your whole house (not just your bedroom!). then decide the center of the house; if the lot is rectangular or square, just draw 2 imaginary diagonal lines, the center connecting point is the center of the house). then get a compass, stand at the center of the house, locate the east and southeast parts of the house, put some green plants/ shrubs at these locations. this formula is only good until november 2007. because every year, the location changes. you can only do this, if these part of the houes is not the toilet or a bedroom. when a plant goes yellow or wilt, please replace it. when things in your social life gets out of hand, please remove the plants.

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