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Confused about feng shui – my room is NEE facing!?

Well, I’ve recently been wanting to feng shui my bedroom. But I’m confused about mapping the bagua – first of all half of them talk about squares, the other half octagons, secondly the octagon ones have the different areas, but the entire centre filled up with ‘yellow’ which is health or something, and then you’re supposed to do it by deciding which wall is north facing. But my house is not even, my room is facing somewhere between North East and North East East.

How can I map the bagua when I don’t have walls directly facing one way? Should I just go for the closest one?
No answers telling me to go to a professional or a feng shui site, please.


The Ba Gua method that you are using is actually part of the Black Hat Sect of Feng Shui, which is a fairly new method of assessing the Feng Shui of a property. This method has only been around the last 30 or so years.

I on the other hand follow classic methods that have been around for well over 3,000 years. Under the classic method we do not make use of the Ba Gua to map our a space’s energy. However, since your question is regarding the use of the Ba Gua I will answer your question accordingly.

The Ba Gua map can be applied two ways. One way is to use the location of the door as your starting point. You simply overlay the Ba Gua ( 3 X 3 squares, giving you a total of 9 squares) over your property, with the Door being the bottom of the squares (so the door would fall into one of the following sectors: Knowledge, Career, and Helpful People).

The second method is to make use of the Compass directions. So what you do is stand in the middle of the room and map out all the directions on the compass, still using the 3 X 3 square grids. In this method the sectors are decided by the compass directions. So you would have the following sectors: Career – North, Knowledge – Northwest, Family – East, Wealth – Southeast, Fame/Reputation – South, Relationship – Southwest, Children – West, Helpful People – Northwest, and Center – Health).

Keep in mind you can expand the grid to cover the entire property or shrink it down to just a single room, so you do not need all four walls to applied this method, because there are instances where there are “missing corners.” Your house does not need to be “even”, you just stand in the middle of the room and take a compass reading, find out where the North direction is and all the other directions fall into place.

There are major flaws with this method. I would advocate the use of classic methods as oppose to this method. Good luck.

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