Feng Shui Beads

Feng Shui Beads

I was wondering if, because I will be sleeping in a basement and basements are so enclosed, if beads over the bedroom door would help the good energy flow. There are pictures on www.musicalforever.sampa.com I would really like to have a professional help because I don’t want to like set myself up for failure ha ha. I was thinking beads with like a light white sheet, or lace stuff.. white. The colors will all be altered, and the bedroom is immediately off the stairs. The red-walled room will be the living area, where I will have a sofa and tv, with my books I can’t fit into my bedroom. I am still trying to figure out what colours to use, and the bed will be gone.

what about a drape over the door?
Beads are a little retro and sometimes annoying and easily broken.
I don’t think you’re getting as many responses cause you don’t have a clear question. If you do want a professions help then go for the phone book cause they gotta see the room and talk to you to do this work. Best of luck!

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