Feng Shui Bed Placement

Need help with Feng Shui bed placement?

The only option in my bedroom is to place the headboard of the bed under a window. I realize this isn’t an ideal position, but it is the only option. How can I counteract this bad positioning? Also, where the bed is placed, the energy flow coming through the door will flow directly alongside my bed. Is this okay? I know you shouldn’t have your feet pointing out the door, but wasn’t sure about having the energy coming alongside the bed. Any info is appreciated 🙂

as for the window, you can hang a heavy curtain over the window to give yourself a “solid” backing, or you can also hang wind chimes or a faceted crystal from the ceiling above your bed.

As for the bed in relation to the door, as long as your bed is placed at the diagonal opposite from the door, you should be fine. some rooms just aren’t large enough to have the bed entirely out of the door’s path.

This is exactly the case with my guest room – the commanding position is against a window & the foot of the bed hangs into the path of the entry.

Feng Shui Bed Placement

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