Feng Shui Bedspreads

Feng Shui Bedspreads
how can i decorate my bedroom to make it romantic and sexy?

i want to decorate my bedroom to be very sexy and romantic feeling. i would like to get satin sheets and just really just go all out, maybe paint the walls, etc. i would also like to incorporate feng shui as well. i would also like to know if i did get satin sheets what would you use for a comforter/bedspread? or do you put anything on top?
i am getting alot of answers that are incorporating golds and reds…when i invision my room i tend to see it darker, and i was originally thinking dark purples…. i was just wandering what anyone thought of those colors. and if i got purple satin sheets what i would use for a cover over that, comforter,duvet?

Use sumptuous fabrics in rich colors and textures — velvet, silk, etc. and lots of pillows.

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