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Question about feng shui elements? 10 points to the best answer?

Does anyone know the theory behind those with a strong metal element per their Date of Birth, and then pursue a career that is also strong in metal element instead of balancing it off with fire / water element career? Will it prevent them from climbing up the career ladder?

According to this website I visited, it said that, “with too much metal element, one will not be able to control themself.” What does that mean? Will one be stressed out?

It means that you are born either in strong season of metal or that the metal is rooted in your natal chart of birth. People who have strong element be it metal or other element cannot help it but to choose a career related to the strong element, it’s more easy for them. You need to release the metal by choosing a water related career, yes, but the most important thing is to introduce the water element in your life it means more wisdom essentially, so it’s all about human action plus of course some feng shui to help. Strong metal will not prevent you to climb up the career ladder, but it will be very stressful and you will not be happy.

Hope this help

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