Feng Shui Bookcase

Feng Shui Bookcase
I get the master bedroom when we move and I’m a teen girl?

What should I put in there?
I don’t want my computer or studying desk in there because I’m trying to apply feng shui to my room. I was thinking of just having a bed, a tv ( that’s the one thing I can’t part with) my radio and a mat for yoga/meditation. What else do you think I would need? maybe some beanbags and a bookcase?
Or should I keep my studying desk in there, even tho I have an extra bedroom I could put it in.
Thanks 🙂

lucky 😛

and you could have like a little reading place with a couple bean bag chairs, and some bookshelves. and you could also bring your laptop in there if you have one and if you want to.
you could also have a corner dedicated to just you and your hobbies and stuff, like in a book i read, if you surround your self with pictures of your dreams for the future and what you want to happen they’ll be more likely to happen cause you will be thinking about them every day. and also if you put up picture and posters of stuff you like it will help with positive thoughts and then you’ll have a better day! 🙂
that kinda goes with feng shui doesn’t it? 😛

But that’s all i can think of, Hope I helped 🙂

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