Feng Shui Brown Bedrooms

Feng Shui Brown Bedrooms
help with bedroom. need help with wall colour. 10 points?

ok. i finally have my own room. im a female and im 20 (yes, tad old to finally have my own room but anyway lol) i do think colours in a house really make an impact on mood. i do want a feature wall in my room but i dont know what colour. im stumped. my furniture will most likely be chocolate brown. any help on the colour of the wall or feng shui or any mood stuff?? 10 points 🙂 thanks guys

Since you have dark wood furniture, and your looking for a feng shui, i would suggest going with natural or relaxing colors. Maybe you could do natural tones/ earth tones. http://blog.hgtv.com/design-star/files/2010/06/Tera-Hampton-Bedroom.jpg . A sage green would look really nice with your dark wood, or you can do a beige and use accent colors to make the room pop. You could also do window coverings that have the natural/relaxing feel to them. Maybe you can try the natural woods/ woven woods. These are perfect for rooms with wood tones, and they match with any decor. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=181884288509600&set=a.122051531159543.12360.122048044493225 or http://blindsetcusa.com/wovenwood-panel-shades/. There are many colors and options for you to choose from. Hopefully these ideas can help you have a room that adds to your positive mood!

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