Feng Shui Chimes Wealth

Feng Shui Chimes Wealth
Feng Shui for wealth? Wind Chimes for a staircase?

Hi, My staircase lines directly with my front door. Bad Feng Shui, according to what I have read. How do I place wind chimes to postively affect this? Also, anyone have sites or personal experience with increases in financial wealth while practicing Feng Shui?? Thanks!

first, do not use a windchime. windchime can attract bad elements into the house, like spirits and ghosts.

second, there are really some instances that fengshui is bad, and there is no remedy you can do to improve the situation. because in fengshui, there is a time element. meaning, even when you do a remedy, the bad is dormant, until when the right time comes and reactivate. thus, in these cases, it is better to renovate and make the bad into a good fengshui.

third, if your staircase is a winding staircase like a screw it goes around downward, then it is bad. because in fengshui the bad gets worse when it is pressed downward. in this case, there is no remedy.

if you have an ordinary straight stairs, don’t worry so much. the remedy for this is to have a bright light installed in this stairs, then paint bright red on the walls and have red tiles on the stairs. and install a good door that is always closed tight at the end of the stairs. do not paint red if this area is the southwest area of the house. because you can activate the ghost area.

regarding websites, i do not think that there is a good website detailing the concepts to increase wealth luck. try attending fengshui seminars regarding water placements or water dragons.

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