Feng Shui Clutter Free Home

Feng Shui Clutter Free Home
Is anyone into Feng Shui (sp?)?

Has it helped? How on Earth are you supposed to keep your home clutter-free when you have children? What if your “family wall” would make you uncomfortable by having family photos up there?

fengshui is not about keeping your home clutter free. most people who thinks that fengshui is, obviously got their information from books and websites.

fengshui to start with is expensive, esp if you consulted a fengshui master. it is expensive because few people know how to use these trade secrets. no person in their right mind will write about these secrets.

this mean, that information about fengshui from books and websites are cheap or free because they are useless to most of us! or they do not work.

at the core of fengshui are the fengshui concepts. when you understand these concepts, you will know that fengshui is not about cleaning out your clutter.

and have you seen a typical chinese home? it is so cluttered that you cannot even pass by the hallways. this is because most chinese esp the women love to shop. and when they get home, they don’t know to put what they shopped. yet their houses are fengshui’d.

fengshui is also not about a decorating style; not a belief, not a philosophy, not arrangement of the furnitures, and not a religion.

fengshui is using the concepts to locate the good direction or location and face that direction, so you can be more healthier or wealthier. this is the essence of fengshui.

but the concepts are difficult to understand and assimilate. thus, you need to consult somebody who is well versed with these.

has it helped? i still have not made any big changes in my home, just small ones. but so far, my business has been good. and i am healthy. what more can i ask?

sorry, but there is no simple diy or general guidelines in chinese fengshui. unlike what most fengshui wrote, chinese fengshui is basically using the facing (exact degree your main door faces) to calculate the which area in your house is good and which is bad. then you try to relocate the different rooms like the kitchen, bedrooms, etc. – this is true fengshui.

it is not about cleaning the clutter from the children area, so you will have more children or projects in your life – this is not true at all! have you ever heard someone got rich from this?

rich chinese people do pay fengshui master/s to have their building/s fengshui’d before building them, and the fengshui that they are implementing is not about cleaning up the clutter.

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