Feng Shui Clutter

Feng Shui Clutter
What to do with those awkward items?

I just read a wonderful book (Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui), so I’m motivated to get rid of a bunch of ‘clutter’ (both physically and mentally) and useless things I have.

Some items I’ve been holding on to I wonder what to do with though. Old clothes are obvious (donate to the thrift store), old magazines can be recycled, etc., but I realize I have some “negative energy” belongings that are hard to part with. Such as my engagement/wedding ring from my ex-husband. While I don’t really want it around, I don’t want to throw it in the trash either. Pawn it for scrap gold? EBay it? I would feel kind of guilty.

How do you deal with getting rid of these awkward items?

Freecycle. Check out Yahoo groups for the Freecycle nearest you.

Even the wedding ring. Unless there are super bad feelings associated with the ring that you don’t want to pass on to someone else, give it away (if the feelings ARE negative, sell it to a jeweler, not a pawn shop — I believe this nullifies the negatives and gives the item a blank slate, allowing it to begin anew)

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