Feng Shui Consultants Los Angeles

I want to study to be a Feng Shui consultant. Are there FS schools located in the Los Angeles area?

There are many different types of schools available in the LA area. The link below shows the possibilities. You will want to talk to the various schools to decide which you like. Some of the approaches are very different, from traditional compass school to form school, intuitive or Black Sect Feng Shui. If you are a science or mathematically based person you may prefer compass school. I myself went to a school with an eclectic approach based in form school and Black Sect Feng Shui.

I would also look into Denise Linn’s Interior Alignment. She has many books out that are fabulous and I highly recommend her books and courses.

Take your time to really research and choose the course that resonates with your soul. Good luck.

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