Feng Shui Crystals Ball

Feng Shui Crystals Ball
Buying genuine crystal?

I’m buying my aunt a crystal ball for Christmas and for feng shui purposes. Therefore I want to be sure that it doesn’t contain lead and that I’m buying actual crystal, not glass. How can I be sure of what I’m buying?

so, you want like a quartz sphere then?

If it’s advertised as a quartz sphere and it’s from a respected retailer then I’m sure it’s legit.

Flawless natural ones are very hard to find and will probably cost thousands of dollars. You can get natural quartz spheres for a reasonable price, but they’ll have inclusions and flaws, and may not be what you have in mind for a”crystal ball”, because they’re not perfectly clear.
You could get a crystal ball made from flawless lab grown quartz for pretty cheap, though. Real quartz crystal and perfectly clear and flawless, but it wasn’t made naturally.

As for telling the difference between a glass or lead crystal ball and a real quartz sphere, I don’t really know.

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