Feng Shui Crystals For Love

Feng Shui Crystals For Love
in feng shui what crystals are good for the love area?

I know rose quartz is good for that area, but I was wondering what other crystals are good there.

Also if anyone knows of any good websites with good information about what crystals work well in the different areas, I would appreciate the referal

In feng shui, the south west represents marriage and partnerships.

To activate this area of your life, place two rose quartz crystals (to represent two people, a couple) in the south west corner of your bedroom. Place two lovely candles with your crystals, and anything else which reminds you of a loving relationship, such as a postcard of a couple dancing, or a picture of a couple embracing, or two people on a picnic. Every time you see your crystals/candle display, state this affirmation ‘I have a wonderful loving relationship’ or something along those lines. Ensure you have two bed side tables, two bed side lamps. Ensure the rest of your bedroom, and home, does not have photos or pictures of single people.

Any crystal can be programmed, so you don’t have to buy rose quartz. Find something you like that has a soft and gentle energy. Program the crystal to assist you in finding the ideal partner. Write down the characteristics in the partner you would like, and place the note under the crystals.

I hope this is helpful! In case you have any further questions I have created a Feng Shui Tips group on Yahoo to answer feng shui questions at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/fengshuitipsgroup/

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