Feng Shui Cures For Office

I have a L shape glass desk how can I use Feng Shui in my home office?

I know L shape desk are not a good idea for feng shui, but I need to know what I can do to cure it and getting rid of it is not a solution. Please only answer question if you know a great deal about Feng Shui.

Thank you in advance.

L shaped desk – neither good nor bad in fengshui

you are confusing it with an L shaped room or an L shaped building, now that’s a problem. with an L shaped room, divide with a divider to have 2 rectangular rooms. with an L shaped building, move? or renovate.

besides fengshui is not totally about shapes of these things. it is more about where you put your home office. if you use fengshui methods like flying stars and 8 mansions to locate your desk in a location where there is good energy, then no matter what shape of desk you put in it, you are still going to have a good business in that desk. because of the good energy will still benefit you. the good energy that i am talking about is something that no person can sense or feel, it is not a vibe or a feeling when you enter a room. its location can only be calculated using the fengshui methods. and each combination of energy/s is formed when 3 elements combine based from the where the front main door of the house is facing/ where the original chi/ energy comes in.

in this analysis of energy, the 5 elements (fire, water, earth, wood and metal) are represent my numbers 1 to 9, each number represents a specific and unique form of energy, meaning the 5 elements can be subdivided into 9 different energies. when these combine, they form new energy that have unique characteristics. because of this characteristic, the new energy formed can either be good or bad for you. for exaample, an area has 8,8,1 this energy mean that the area is good for money making, but can be deadly for the elderly and the very young children, so an office or a kitchen would be okay for this area. having a kitchen in this area can mean that you wont get hungry. again the numbers are not designated because we want them there, but there is a formula using flying stars method.

this means that we need to know the energy distribution of the house first, before we can arrange which area in the house we can use as a bedroom, office, kitchen, etc.

if, on the other hand, we already have a house built, then we use the same technique to tilt the main front door to shift the energy distribution in the house. in most cases, there will be compromise in here, but there will be little renovations than the other way around.

Feng Shui Conference IV, London UK, 25 Sept 2010 (2/2) – Suzanne Harper: Feng Shui

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