Feng Shui Cures For The Bedroom

Is there a feng shui cure for having a meter box outside a bedroom wall you sleep against? if so what is it?

My daughters sleep against the wall which has the meter box on it. their beds are opposite each other along this wall. my eldest daughter is in a metal bed and my youngest is in a wooden cot which has the meter box right along side her. Can someone help out with a cure if possible, Thankyou.

in fengshui, if you cannot see a sha chi, in this case the meter, then it cannot hurt you. this means that if the meter is behind a wall, and while your daughters are inside their bedroom, they cannot see the meter on the outside then there is no cause for alarm. a sha/ bad chi is only remedied if while you are inside the room, you can see the meter through the window or a door. besides a meter is not a sha chi. a power transformer is and an electrical posts are sha chi. but a meter? regarding health hazards, then it is a different matter… we are talking about fengshui.

Feng Shui Bedroom Cures for Health & Passion

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