Feng Shui Dead Trees

Feng Shui Dead Trees
Dead tree = Bad feng shui?

I am looking for a rental properties and this property that I am looking at has a dead tree in front of the bedroom window. I have heard about in terms of feng shui, dead plant (tree) has some bad effects on the household, but I am not sure what’s the bad thing about it.

This affects my decision on whether to take this apartment to rent for at least 1 year. Please help!

a tree near a house in general is bad fengshui, especially if it is very near the house like 10 meters. there has been discussion about this in the fengshui class i attended, and some of my friends suggested that maybe it is bad because of the roots of the tree might harm the house. but in general, it is bad.

dead tree? hmmm… i guess it is too, because a living tree is bad, how much more a dead tree.

on the other hand, i think that a dead tree is considered as a sha (bad) chi. so, i guess that it is bad especially if you can see it through your house/ bedroom. in regards with sha chi, if you can see it, then it harms you. if you cannot see it, like if it is at the back of your house, and the bedroom is also at the back of the house, and you cannot see the tree in living there… then i guess it won’t really harm you.

then there is a twist here, but if the tree forms a sharp point with its branches, pointing even slightly towards your house, even if you cannot see it, it definitely harms you.

my advice is not to take the apartment.

my master also suggested that most houses with trees, especially with drooping leaves attracts ghosts in the area.

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