Feng Shui Decorating Bathroom

Feng Shui Decorating Bathroom
Feng Shui for a three room house… what’s my best choice? (only feng shui experts answer please)?

I live in a house that has all in all three rooms: the living room (which is also the dining room and the kitchen), the bathroom and the bedroom. i want to decorate it using feng shui techniques, but i am unsure what is better. should i decorate each room seperately with its own feng shui or the whole house together.

example: should i decorate my living room as the north east part of the ba gua (feng shui compass) or decorate the north east part of each room on its own?

i am afraid that by decorating each room with its own feng shui my small home will look clutterred. i dont have much space to fit many things coz each room is 4m by 4m.

Somebody please help me!! thank you very much!

Okay, first things first.

It sounds to me as if you think having good feng shui means having specific stuff in each area of the bagua – and while that’s a good rule of thumb, it’s really more of a generalization and better for working with “cures” than anything else.

Good feng shui means you have a space that is comfortable and meets your needs.

Your ‘great room’ – the combination living/dining/kitchen – should be linked by color. You can consider dividing the space visually by changing the intensity of the color from one area to the next and by the arrangement of furnishings. Try to invest in furniture that will not overwhelm your space, but will still allow you room to stretch out and have company (and make them comfortable as well).

Your bedroom is probably the most important part of your home at this time, so make it the best place possible for you. Avoid having a mirror that faces the bed, or having a lot of electronic stuff in the bedroom (TV, computer, etc). If you must use underneath the bed for storage space, then make sure you only store “quiet” things there, like out of season clothes or additional bedding. Keep the bedroom as clutter free as possible. If there is one room where I would “double feng shui”, this would be it. Apply the bagua to your entire home, and then to your bedroom – what overlaps? Is this an area you want to strengthen or downplay? Use feng shui cures or enhancements accordingly.

As for your bath, the basic rules are pretty much the same: keep it comfortable, clean and clutter-free (although a touch of candles or a set of pretty bottles with lotions, soaps, cotton balls, etc can be nice). If your bath falls into your Wealth area, take particular care to keep the plumbing in good working order and the toilet lid down when not in use.

I get the impression you are particularly interested in enhancing the Relationships area(s) of your home. In that case, I would put the bagua over my home and determine the location of the Relationships area and add enhancements there, and then do likewise for each room.

Send me an email if you want more specific assistance! I’ve been doing this for about 15 years now!!

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