Feng Shui Dining Room Table

Feng Shui Dining Room Table
How can I Feng Shui to sell my home?

I have books about it,
I have read some things on the internet,
all i want to know if there is something in Feng Shui to help make it correspond more to each element. Here is my diagnosis of my house:

Family Room~ Mostly Wood
Kitchen/Dining Room~ Mostly Earth
Bedrooms~ All are different, suggestions please?
Basment~ uh…Brown couches, movie posters, white door, 2 teeny tiny windows, not sure what elements are Incorporated there
Study~ Cream walls, rectangular tables, yellowish cream drapes, maroon chairs–i get the warm vibe from it

Please help!

·This is for the Bedroom: With this link, when you click the next arrow above the picture, under each picture it has tips and guidelines on what to do and what no to do for Feng Shui.

·This link if for the kitchen:

· This link is for all of the rooms (entry way, kitchen, dining room, living room, home office, bedroom, bathroom) It will tell you the dos and don’ts for each of those rooms.
good luck 🙂

Feng Shui Dining Room Designs : Importance of Dining Room Feng Shui for Wealth

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