Feng Shui Direction Of Bed

feng shui: my kua number is 6. I heard the West is a good direction for me. does this mean that the foot of my?

bed should face west? or east?

facing west means that the foot of your bed faces west. there is just 1 confusion about this, and it comes from master yap cheng hai (who taught ms. lillian too, fengshui author). according to him, facing west means the head faces west, but this is kinda ridiculous, because it also means that when you watch tv, you need to face west (your tv is at the east wall), so this means that the tv and your head are on the same wall. so, how can you watch tv, when the tv is at the same wall as your head? it will be awkward watching it.

and there are many masters who claim that facing west means having your feet pointing to west when you are lying down. i do think that this is more accurate.

besides, i tested the 2, i have more good results having my feet pointed to my good direction.

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