Feng Shui Directions And Elements

I live in Australia. Need Feng Shui directions please.?

Due to being in the southern hemisphere, our elements are at different points of the compass. Can you please advise. I thought it would be Fire in the North (equator), Water in the East (Pacific Ocean), Air in the West (alot of our storms come overland from the west) and Earth in the South (Antartica). Can someone who knows please reply. Thank you.

you are analysing fegnshui too much! don’t analyse it too much, just do the fengshui, and move your life onwards!

i know that everything moves the opposite at the lower hemisphere, but the south is still south there, and the north is still the north. therefore, the south still remains fire and the north still remains water.

you can only swap everything up, if there is some kind of a wormhole that warps our physical reality… that if you like to go to the north pole, you’d just aim for the south and if you arrive at the north pole by some kind of natural phenomenon, then you can swap everything up.

Feng Shui Elements & Directions : The 5 Feng Shui Elements

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