Feng Shui Door Facing

Feng Shui Door Facing
Feng Shui question – My new office is built-in furniture than can’t be moved. My back faces the door.?

I’ve read you should always face the door so you can see people walking in, but the built-in furniture doesn’t allow me to do that. How do I feng-shui this type of office?

Actually you don’t always have to face outside when seated. There are many directions you can face but it will best be determined by the precise “flying stars table” of your room, which will need lengthy description though.

However, without knowing exactly how your room is positioned, the simple fact that you’re sitting with your back facing the door is – 9 out of 10 times – inappropriate.

Depending on how exactly it is, it’d be best to put a petition there blocking the space between you seat and the door so as to give yourself some “back support.”

You can send me a photo of how exactly it is so that I can tell you more about how to do it correctly.

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