Feng Shui Dragon Statue

Feng Shui Dragon Statue
feng shui of a broken dragon?

what effect does it have if a part of a dragon statue (one of a pair) breaks off? will gluing it back on reverse any problem if there is one at all?

and what could it mean if it was a lucky bamboo that was knocked over and broke it?

(btw as absurd as it might sound that is what happened :P)

the simplest explanation i have for fengshui is that it is more about the arrangement of the different rooms inside the house. why is this so? fengshui is about energy or chi. all spaces inside the house have a different kind of energy – which can either be bad or good for you. the same energy is more powerful than man. this means that you cannot just create it by using statues or painting or any kind of fengshui thing – just not possible. time in fengshui has also an energy that reacts and interacts with our environment and the energy that it contains. that is why it is possible to predict lucky days in fengshui.

so what does your dragon have to do with anything ? the answer is nothing. remember, fengshui is not a belief, it is not a religion, and neither a philosophy. so you dont need to believe fengshui for it to work. it just works – but not by using your statues. it is more complicated than that.

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