Feng Shui Entrance To Home

Feng Shui Entrance To Home
Feng Shui help. Bathroom is in SW (relationships) kitchen sink is in SE (wealth)?

After two years in my home I have come to realize that my kitchen sink is in the Southeast (wealth) part of the home and in the Southwest (relationships) corner is where the bathroom is located. Does this mean all of my love and money is just going down the drain(s)? Technically its the South wall of my home, the kitchen and bathroom are lined up across the South wall. The entrance is in the Southeast corner as well, on the Eastern wall. How do I counteract/balance this? Or is it hopeless and I should move?

From what you say, you use the 8 Aspirations system of Feng Shui. Before thinking about move, you should check your home using the 8 Mansions and the Flying Stars system of Feng Shui, which are much more accurate.

You will see that Feng Shui takes more into account. According to the Flying Stars system, you can perfectly have a chart which improves or is especially favorable to relationships and wealth.

You can find all information about it (theory, calculators, etc.) here:

*Feng Shui Tips* For Your Home or Business Entrance

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