Feng Shui Entrance To House

Feng Shui Entrance To House
Good or Bad Feng Shui?

I am planning to buy this 2 story house and it’s perfect. However, there is 1 flaw that is the front entrance is lower than the street level by 2 feet. So when I walk toward my house, I am walking downward. According to what I’ve researched, this is not an ideal entrance. Is there a way to keep the good feng shui for the house? The back yard is not sloping so I’m hoping this still keeps the good energy flowing into the home. Right across the street there is a house that when built could possibly be at a higher level than my house. Any suggestions??

The elements”of feng shui are water, wood, fire, earth/soil, and metal. Each element is made up of yin and yang in precise amounts. For example greater wood has less yin than lesser wood, but not as much yin as water, and so forth. Earth is the buffer, or an equilibrium achieved when the polarities cancel each other. Feng shui is about balancing the yin and the yang.

So in your situation you need to find out what will cancel out the yin or yang of having a lower entrance to your place.

I would suggest going to a bookstore and getting a book on it and see what you can do to balance the yin and yang.

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