Feng Shui Evil Spirits

Feng Shui Evil Spirits
The use of a mirror chime according to Feng Shui?

I heard they repel evil spirits when placed outside the doorway.

We are renovating a large 20’s home that has water damage. The stairs are facing directly towards the door that will be used exclusively. The main door at the front of the house it opposite said door and will not be used due to lack of front yard. (The fence is about 4 feet from the front door and will be awkward to use. )
We do not have a lot of money to fully renovate, just to fix what needs it and make it habitable. For the first couple months we will not use the second floor because we will be working on it.
We have had some bad experiences before moving here and since this is our first house, we want all the good luck we can get.

Chimes enhance “chi”. Mirrors, when used properly, create harmony, but it’s best to use mirrors without sharp corners, which are translated as “Shar” (disharmony), especially at the main entrance/exit portal to your home.

If a compass needle does not come to a full stop, does it mean that a house is hounted?

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