Feng Shui Fairy

Feng Shui Fairy
are fairy decor bring good luck at home?

we’re sorting our home and i wanna male sure i put the right decors in our home. are fairies good to have at home? im into feng shui but i couldn’t find anything about having fairy decors online.. hope you can help me.. thanks guys

Hi Joy,
If you research more of feng shui you will find that there are other items considered to be of Good Luck. I suggest that you continue your research, because the placement of the items is equally as important as the items themselves. I have never seen Fairies used in my own research as part of feng shui. However, this doe not mean that you can not use fairies that you like in a special place or corner and still live within your feng shui environment. Again, respectfully said to learn the placement of the items of Luck … live, love laugh :o)

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