Feng Shui For Apartments

Feng Shui For Apartments
Feng Shui for my apt?

My apartment faces East 92 degrees.
Someone has told me this facing is bad for wealth but good for health? Can any feng shui masters pls help me point out which facings are the wealth location, health location and bad location? What should I do to enhance the good locations and weaken the bad locations? What if the laundry room is located in the wealth location?

– i am not a fengshui master, but i know some fengshui

– 92 degrees, facing E2 is bad because it is very near to 90 degrees which is an empty line or a void space – a very bad degree in fengshui. it is known to cause a life of misery. tilt your door to 97 degrees, and it will be good.

– again fengshui is not what you think it is, or how it works.

– fengshui has no wealth location, health location, etc.

– instead, i think you are talking about flying stars. with flying stars, you need the facing and you need the period* when you first moved into the apartment (or when did you have a major renovation to the apartment – whichever is latest). you need these to draw your flying star chart.

– assuming that you moved in just recently between 2004 until now, then you will have a period 8 chart. 97 degrees facing east 2 will have a chart something like this:


– disregard all the x’s
– you have 9 number combination in a 3×3 grid, each represents a location in your house (the 8 directions + center)

– the good in this chart is that you have a double 8, which most people would want. the bad about this, is that the good locations are only present in 3 locations – the center having 168, the south part having 613, and the west part having 881. and the rest are all bad locations. ideally, you would want to have your living areas coincide in the good areas, and leave the bad to the bathrooms, hallways and garage. there is a trick in fengshui to optimize this is to make these areas bigger than usual, while making the bad areas smaller rooms.

– important: to activate your double 8, you need to put a big mountain with a small water feature at the west most part of your house. big mountain – get a big rock – to represent a mountain, not a picture, can be plastic or fiber glass, but it must look real, the more expensive the better; small water, small (in relation to the size of your mountain), get a flowing water thing, and put it beside the rock; the rock must be solid. this will activate your double 8.

– the treatments here is not the same when you have a different facing or different period, because you flying star chart will change.

– the numbers above for example 168, means mountain-water-time/base. each number represent an energy that represent a lot of things like elements, people, part of the body, etc.

– when the numbers go together in 3’s, they react and interact with each other and form new energy.

-168: good for anything except anything with sharp objects like knives, therefore, i would not advice you to have a kitchen at the middle of the house; because accidents can happen with sharp object in this location; but it is a very good location for a bedroom, living room – just without the sharp objects
– 881: good for money, good for office, kitchen, bedroom, anything; but you need to understand that in fengshui there is 2 sides to a story. though this location is good for health and wealth. it is not a good location to raise children. because the more your business is doing great, the more you will have less time for family.
– put your bathrooms where the combinations of 792 are because it has too much fire, and can cause illnesses related to heart and blood, when you make it into a bedroom.

– what if bathroom is located at the location where the double 8 is? then you loose out on the opportunity – it is that simple. unless you use your bathroom more than 5 hours a day and centers your life around it. then it can be activated.

– in fengshui, each location has an energy. when you use a room with good energy more, the good energy manifest itself in your life. same goes with the location with the bad energy or mixed energy. so we like to leave these places alone, and make them into a bathroom, garage, storage areas.

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