Feng Shui For Business Prosperity

Feng Shui For Business Prosperity
Care to answer Feng Shui question?

What Feng Shui plants I can buy from the market for: health, energising, wealth -prosperity and business in general. Where should they be placed inside and outside of the house/office?
Also what is the most common thing to hang on the top of the entry-door?

i do think that you misunderstood what fengshui is about.

fengshui is knowing where the good energy (or bad energy) is located in your house, then you use the location with good energy for living (bedroom, klitchen, living room, dining, etc), and leave the location with bad energy for the bathroom, storage, garage, hallways.

how would you know these? you need to learn and use the fegnshui concepts or methods like flying stars, 8 mansions, etc.

there is no such thing as putting a lucky plant or a lucky statue or a lucky painting in what location to make you lucky or have good fengshui – all these derived from people who like to sell you something. this is not fengshui at all.

if you have your kitchen at the right location in your house, then your finance will be good, because the kitchen is responsible for attracting money or wealth into your life.

if you wan to have a good health, then your bedroom must be located in a location where there is good energy combination with a current mountain star.

HOME OFFICE FENG SHUI–bring prosperity and luck

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