Feng Shui For Office Desk

Feng Shui For Office Desk
Feng Shui Ideas?

I am in the process of redoing my apartment over so it’s a lot more “in harmony” so to speak.

i am looking for tips on what to do to start with for an affordable price or i guess anything that will organize my life and make me feel more at peace with myself, my office that doubles as my Mary Kay business desk and inventory area, bedroom, bathroom.. any ideas?

If you want to feel more at peace with yourself, you should first check your personal number, to assure sleeping and sitting (when working) in one of your favorable directions. That’s first thing to do.

Than, you should analyze your home using the 8 Mansions and the Flying Stars system of Feng Shui, to be sure to harmonize the elements in each room.

If you do so, you’ll live in harmony and enjoy life. You can check your personal number here:

How To Feng Shui Your Office Desk

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