Feng Shui Fountains Placement

Feng Shui Fountains Placement
Feng Shui question for an expert?

In the basement office, I have my desk against a west wall, facing east. Windows are to the north and south of me. Is this the best placement for success and happiness? Would a desktop water fountain help anything? Also, I heard the whole mirror thing is not true feng shui principle. Is that correct?

It really depends if you want to the Feng Shui consultation to be the new age type (where everything is generalized, no calculations, etc) or the classical type (recognized individuality and solutions provided from calculations).

If you’re using the traditional method, find out what your auspicious/inauspicious directions are which is dictated by your Kua number. To find your Kua Number and sectors, go here: http://www.smilingbamboo.com/feng-shui-kua/

Be careful of water element enhancers as well as crystals as they can amplify the good just as they can easily amplify the bad, so it’s best to stay away from them.

The usage of mirrors in Feng Shui is new, but still fits into the traditional rulings of Feng Shui because of its reflective properties. Old ba guas had reflective brass to bounce off the harmful chi away from your home, so a reflective mirror does just the same (and is probably more reflective).

Feng Shui waterfall

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