Feng Shui Frog Placement

i have a 3 legged frog pointing away from my door for feng shui puposes. is that right?

i’m trying to attract more money coming into my house, but i wasn’t sure if i had the placement correct. should it be closer to the door or under the couch like i’ve read before?

feng shui is a “Theoretical Approach” to practical living (or common sense.)

i used to believe in feng shui, until they all sucked out every penny i saved just to be “prosperous”. until i realized that feng shui is just “common sense” only in a higher level. here are some examples…

feng shui: placing a plant (or small fountain) beside your computer reduce negative energy.
practical sense: computer monitors (where you work) is very eye straining, your eyes tend to blink less and dry up. placing a plant or small fountain helps humidify the area surrounding your computer and eventually comforts your eyes.

feng shui: don’t place bed under a beam.
practical sense: if earthquake occurs and that beam fell, surely, your squished.

feng shui: lamp post or electrical post in front of your house gives negative energy.
practical sense: when storm comes and wipes every standing structures, your house will be the first to be hit by that post.

these are just examples of the “common sense” a.k.a. “feng shui” principles. feng shui puts numbers, symbols, fancy names, formulas, etc… just to convince people that they will be prosperous, healthy, etc. etc. etc…

i used to have persistent bad luck, until i consulted a feng shui master. he said that i was not paying tributes to my ancestors. if i pay him a $1000 those ancestors’ spirits bothering me will be gone, and i can earn that money in a year in return.

well, in that the case, i didn’t pay him a single cent – i don’t have that money! instead i went to church, prayed for my ancestors, made a small donation to the charity, and after a week, voila! i’m back in business! and it didn’t take a year!

my advice, is DITCH THE FROG! look deeper into your self. are you happy with your job, if not, even a thousand frogs won’t help. think what you’ve been missing in your life. like me, are you forgetting to pay tributes to your ancestors? are you mean to others? are you friendly? do people respect and honor you? are you having the “right” friends?

is your house messy? does it look “inviting”? if not try the 5S principle, its better than feng shui and its free. does your house have a pleasant color, smell, ambiance?

you don’t need feng shui, just look into your self, and correct it, and eventually, money will come in.

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