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Feng Shui – Front door direction – How do I know?

Ok with a compass right? Well the actual question is – which side of the door am I considering here? I mean according to what I read, my front door should be a South door. Ok, but how do you tell? I mean if I face my front door from the inside I am facing south, if I face my front door from the outside I am facing North. How do I know what direction my front door is? Do you take it from what direction you are walking up to the door from outside?

Also, If using Feng Shui my head is supposed to face direct West when I sleep. Ok, now the question is how do you face west while sleeping? Does this mean your body is in an east (head) / East (toe) direction, or is it the other way around?

Very simple!!! when you open the door and stand in your doorway, what direction are you facing? if you are facing south,then it’s a south-facing door..if the you are facing north, it’s a north-facing door, and so on……as for the bedroom question, ‘facing’ west means just that; your head should be facing west, which means your feet would be facing east…

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