Feng Shui Front Door Facing East

Feng Shui Front Door Facing East
In feng shui, which is the auspicious location of the front door and garage?

We bought a lot facing east. (it faces the direction where the sun rises.). Our front wull be the street. I am confused because in fengshui what will be my north direction. Is it the north of the house or shall follow the north as per direction of the sun? Please help.

in fengshui, you need to understand that there are many methods. you are just describing one of them… i am thinking 8 mansions or what lillian too refer to as the east-west method, based on your kua or birthdates. this method is best used only to enhance another method. mostg practitioners use the flying stars as the main method, then enhance it with the 8 mansions. if your favorable direction is north, then east will still be good to you, as both belong to the east group. but i like to emphasize that using only this method is not 100% effective. you need to know what room to put where in the house that you are eventually going to build. this arrangement of rooms is based on how you are going to use the different energies inside your house. and this can be done by using the flying stars method. this will also give you flexibility. as 8 mansions is not that powerful, some unfavorable spaces can actually be good for you, if and only if there is good energy combination in that area.


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