Feng Shui Front Door Facing Stairs

Odd shaped house, how do I calculate which side the house is facing or my bagua map using Feng Shui?

I have a condo and the front door leads to a narrow hallway (like a hallway to my living space, but not a communal hall for the whole building.) I’m thinking it’s best to consider the “front door” as the landing of the stairs where you actually enter the home. What do you think, agree or disagree?

The facing direction of a house is the side from which is entering the largest amount of light. It is considered as the most important area from which the Qi is introduced in a space. In an apartment is customary that the facing direction has more windows or balconies with the best views, while the main door can be in a completely different direction. We must avoid the mistake of associating the main door with the facing direction, albeit it is somewhat common in classical buildings and rural areas.

You should use the 8 Mansions or the Flying Stars systems of Feng Shui, as it is the most accurate way to apply Feng Shui correctly. You’ll find all information you need here:

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