Feng Shui Front Door Facing West

Facing direction for my home?

My front door faces east but most activity in the home is in the north west, because of the living room. Plus, outside I live near a corner and have plenty of traffic north east and an elementary school. Ive read youre not always supposed to the feng shui facing by the front door……..any help?

depends on the fengshui method you are using. i like to us at least 2.

first with 8 mansions method, you need to know whether you belong to the east or the west. if you belong to the east, then north, south, east and southeast are all good for you, and the rest are bad. if west, the other way around. but this is just a simple method.

i usually use this with flying stars method, which is a bit more complicated. east has 45 degrees, and subdivided into 3, east1, east 2 and east3. and to make it even more complicated. you need to check your degree if it is within the special lines/ degrees like void or empty lines, which is the ultimate bad degree (there are a lot), peach blossom (this has something to do with someone committing adultery, not good for house, but good for business), etc.

going back to the flying stars method, you need to plot your chart using front door facing and period which you first moved into the house. from this you can know the energy distribution of the house.

good books regarding flying stars method:

South West Entrance Vastu Shastra.mpg

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