Feng Shui Gray

Feng Shui Gray
Does anyone know where I can get free feng shui ideas?

I’m decorating my bedroom and need an accent color for grey and cream

i do not believe that you can optimize a room’s fengshui by changing its color.

factors that are important to optimize fengshui of a room:
– location of the room in the relation to the house
– what are the things outside the window of the room (such as sha/ bad chi)
– location and direction of the door of the bedroom to optimize it according to your birthdate
– facing of how you watch tv/ mini office in the bedroom
– facing of headboard to intercept good chi and anhance your love life or optimize you for success
– location of bathroom, is it affecting the bedroom… sometimes the bathroom can affect the bedroom in a deadly way, even if the bathroom is located very far from the bedroom
– what are the rooms above and below the bedroom, are they going to cause sickness to the person living in the bedroom
– is the bedroom in a good energy combination location, this is based on flying star theory
– does the room have a good health energy, based on the xuan kong da gua theory

these are just some of the ways which you can optimize good fengshui for good health in the bedroom. but changing the colors? i believe that the fengshui people who practice this are not practitioners of authentic chinese fengshui.

Gray’s Feng Shui room

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