Feng Shui Happy Man

Feng Shui Happy Man
Can you help me with a love spell?

A man I was dating was rather rude and condescending with me. I broke up with him. Now he has found a girl 20 years younger than him, and he has rubbed it in my face how happy he is and I don’t mean a thing to him any longer.

I wish we had another chance. I wish I had a chance to show him that I too can be a good mate to him, even if I am only 10 years younger and I’m not Asian and young as she is, and I don’t make as much money. That was part of our fight, I’m only a teacher. I thought that was pretty great, but he didn’t seem so impressed.

Anyway, I would like a spell to bring him back to me. I have tried feng shui and quoting Bible verses and prayer. Is there a way to draw a man back? He was insanely in love with me for several years before he met the Asian who is 20 years younger than him and makes more money than me. Please help me know how to win him back.

Speaking as a man. Let the idiot go. NO man is worth pining over, especially if he leaves you for a “younger” model. You definetly do not want to use a love spell to call him back, it would be unfair to you as you will not get the same type of love that you had.

Best advice I can say, try this spell:
1). Take a long hot shower.
2). Put on the sexiest dress you have.
3). A little make up, a little perfume.
4). Go out and treat yourself to a good time.
you don’t have to go out man hunting, play a little elusive for a bit and see what you really want in a man, and then, let him come to you.
Men a really little boys on the inside, and if they are not truely committed to a relationship, then they will play the field.
Say so long to this arrogant s.o.b. and his little asian “stir fry”, cause when she gets older, he will trade her in too.

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