Feng Shui Helpful People Corner

Feng Shui Helpful People Corner
My bathroom is in my relationship feng shui corner. How can I fix any ill effects?

Just moved to a new apt. that I had no real control over. According to the feng shui bagua, my bathroom occupies the relationship/love/marriage corner. I need some chi adjustment ideas because I’m getting married in March and my fiance will move into this apartment. My last apt. had the bed in this corner and hey – we got engaged while I was living there (but my bathroom occupied the helpful people section and I was very lonely while living there.

you’re basing your life in a book? and it is about black hat fengshui, which is the lamest! think about this, if all apartments were done like yours, then does it mean that the people living in them are damned?

i always believe that you don’t have to fix something that is not broken.

you can only do chi adjustment if you calculate for your chi distribution/ flying star theory based on the degree/ facing of your door.

regarding your relationship, you can move your bedroom toward your favorable location, and/ or move your bed to face your bed (meaning when lying down your feet must point) towards your love/ romance direction. (8 mansions theory based on your birthdate)

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