Feng Shui Home Buying

Feng Shui Home Buying
Which type of Pa Kua mirros should I buy convex or concave to combat my nasty neighbors Pa Kua mirrors?

I live in a dead end area and the neighbor that I don’t get along with at all for the past 6 years placed 2 mini Pa Kua mirrors which are directly facing the front of my home technically my living room window .
I am not sure which type of Pa Kua or Ba Gua Mirrors I should get concave or convex to combat her mirrors and send her “poison arrowed chi” back to her ten fold if I could.

To the folks who answer my questions thank youto the idiots who don’t beleive in feng shui don’t bother answering this question and clogging my question with non serious answers.

Just hang a huge mirror on the wall of your living room directly facing the window. That will reflect her bad chi back to her.

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