Feng Shui Home Layout

Feng Shui Home Layout
What would be the central space in my home for feng shui?

I want to put something representing earth energy into the central spot in my home to ground myself and the energy in my house. But, in a four-level, open layout house, where would be the central space? I don’t know whether to just pick one level or what. Thanks!

fengshui do not work that way. there are many concepts in fengshui. meaning many ways of doing things.

one concept is flying stars. it says that the area (of the house) is divided into 8 directions plus the center (so 9 areas in total, either 8 pie slices + center, or 3 rows by 3 columns). there is a formula that distributions 3 sets of 1 to 9 around these areas. 1 set pertains to the mountain, another to water, and another to time/ base. these numbers represent an energy, and the 3 combinations represent a combined energy of the 3, that the area has. so, going back to your question, you need an area which has a good combination, make it bigger through architecture; use that area as your central space to activate that part.

you need to note that fengshui is not based on intuition, it is not based on certain unchanging rule like the main door of the house must always face east. fengshui is about measurement, calculations and proper applications of these concepts.

there are books by ms. lillian too and ms. eva wong that explains this concept. you might like to check them out.

Feng Shui Conference II, London UK, 6 Feb 2010 (2/8) – Simon Brown: Feng Shui and Wabi Sabi

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