Feng Shui House Facing Direction

Feng Shui for Apartments?

If you live in an apartment, how do you determine the house facing direction? Is it the front door of the building or is it the front door of the unit itself?

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Feng shui is practical not only for people who live in a house, but for apartment occupants as well. No matter how small your apartment is, there are many convenient ways to improve the feng shui of your place without having to spend a lot of money and time. In this article, you will learn how to feng shui your apartment, using a feng shui strategy called “aspirations of the Bagua” which is a very famous feng shui method in Hong Kong. For those of you who live in a studio apartment or a little dorm room, I have some practical feng shui ideas for you as well. Keep in mind that the important thing about feng shui is to keep everything in good balance and let the chi (life force) flow through each room freely. It is not so much about luxury or showiness, but simplicity and comfort.

Feng Shui Tips on How to Choose an Apartment Building
•Square, oblong, round or pa-kua (eight-sided) buildings are propitious. Try to avoid moving into an irregular-shaped building, because it symbolizes incompleteness. An L-shaped building, for example, gives an impression that something has been missing or cut off.
•The back of your apartment building should be protected in some way, either by a hill or another building. A solitary apartment building on top of a hill, according to feng shui practice, is extremely inauspicious as it is completely unprotected. The wind will blow the chi away, and the water will drain the chi downhill.
•Other buildings nearby and surrounding should be lower or about the same height as your apartment building. A much taller neighboring structure can cause negative chi, especially if it is situated in front of your apartment building’s main entrance.
•The parking area, according to most feng shui gurus, should not be a part of the building itself, unless it is located underground. Ideally, it should be outside the building, because vehicles coming in and out can create too much chi and turbulance to the occupants.
•Every building, from a feng shui perspective, should have a back door. Remember that the heart of feng shui is to allow chi to flow conveniently. When the chi enters through the front door, there should be an exit for it to go out so that more chi can come in.
•In feng shui tradition, water is believed to bring wealth and good fortune. If your apartment building is located near a lake or river, that is considered extremely auspicious. This belief, however, is not only applied to natural sources of water. A pond, fountain or swimming pool, especially if it is situated near the main entrance of the building, is supposed to bring good luck as well.


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